Recently, I was pleasantly surprised and honored to note the opening sentence of the final chapter of my autobiography “Go Ahead, You’re Home” has been listed as a quote on Sentence Club.
“Success in any area of life does not come easily, nor does it come overnight. It is an ongoing process that requires persistence, humility, and determination.”
When this was written back in 2015, at the time I had no idea that this would be featured anywhere on the web in 2019 as an inspirational, motivational quote.
Persistence, Patience, Perseverance, Perspiration and Prayer. I would say, any or all of these P’s, are vital to achieving one’s dreams and goals. Pressing on amidst trial and error is no easy task. Ultimately “He who has a WHY will endure any HOW”
“Humility precedes Honor” is a biblical quote from Proverbs 18:12. Life has its ways of teaching us lessons, which we seldom grasp in the moment. But that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
Determination. Be determined and steadfast in the pursuit of your vision, your dream(s) and your goal(s). From experience I know this to be an exhausting journey and at times throwing the towel in the ring might seem as the only option. However, in the end you will reap the fruits and the benefits of attaining a PHD in Persistence Humility and Determination. Go Ahead!
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