“On Sunday, August 10th 2008, my children and I went to my parents’ home after church. We sat in the car and parked in the shade while we waited for my parents to get home from church. As we spoke, it was as if the location for my bed and breakfast suddenly jumped up and shouted, “Look no further, this is it!” The parental residence, along with the other two properties would be the perfect setting to realize my dream. Here was where I envisioned the bed and breakfast. There they stood, staring me in the face!

It’s Possible! Zwaan, officially Swaen

It takes Grit and Guts to be and do the abnormal and extraordinary! Many locals complain of foreigners, especially the Dutch or ‘makamba,’ that come to the island and deprive them of what is theirs. While in some cases this might be true, complaining and criticizing whether Dutch, American, African, Indian, Haitian or Dominican, who dare to stick their neck out to improve and invest in the island, will get me nowhere. By sharing my dream and vision, I choose not to sit on my assets, but “Stop Complaining and Start Obtaining!”

From “Go Ahead, You’re Home” – The Caribbean Dream with Grit & Guts
A true and poignant story of forgiveness, hope and love. Mountain-moving faith with a burning desire determined to succeed.
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