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Go Ahead, You're Home!
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 by Lisa Escobar
realism and reality

The Vision for Swaen Village: the best-synchronized book I have ever read combining two languages and pictures to coincide with pages entailing both, realism and reality. I was completely blown away by the beautiful and picturesque layouts making this book such a personal read with pure vision and a dream of a reality supported by a writer’s imagination only to be fulfilled by a strong personal faith and hope in never stopping; rather in the belief in trusting and waiting on our God.

 by Lisa Escobar
Tenacious and Determined

One of those divinely appointed reads touching both soul and spirit, Go Ahead You’re Home is the awe inspiring story of triumph in the face of most every imaginable obstacle a young woman could encounter. Tirzah’s captivating life experiences take place largely in the sunny Caribbean and the frosty Netherlands, two combined worlds that could not be more different. Her challenges in a tumultuous marriage are eventually overshadowed by her need to provide for the children she bore and loves endlessly. Tenacious and determined, Tirzah leans on the childhood faith instilled in her. A compelling, intriguing read with secrets unveiled, and stark truths revealed.

 by Ciranoush
Never stop believing

After the training and coaching period had ended in Curaçao, I was gifted the book “Go Ahead, You’re Home”, written by one of our own Customer Care colleagues Tirzah Libert. I was finally able to find the time to read it and I was very impressed.

This inspirational story tells you about her life; her failures and successes, the struggles and challenges she has faced, but also of her determination to succeed and to provide a good life for her children. Knowing Tirzah personally, it was very interesting to learn more about her, who she is, and where she has come from. It made me have more respect for her and I feel proud of what she has achieved so far and continues to achieve. This is a must-read for anyone who needs motivation, inspiration and renewed faith.

 by Rebecca M. De Riggs
Easy to get immersed

I enjoyed this book totally. It was easy to get immersed in the story and difficult to put the book down before I finished reading it.
Is there another book in the making?
God bless.

 by Vivian Le Blanc
Just WOW!

Well, yes WOW.

After quite some time there is this book, that I could read like they say in a 'jiffy'. And guess what? I am going to read it over and over again. Because there are those 'golden nuggets; hidden in there that keep popping up. And I think this is a book that keeps on living, because the older and more mature you become, the more you will understand....even what has not been written.

Tirzah my friend, keep on pondering an keep on writing. I know you are strong and I know you will see your dreams come true.
Be Bold, Be Strong, 'cause the Lord your God is with you!

 by Roy D
Go Ahead, Return to Your Real Home

A book review is a critical assessment of a book. It describes and evaluates the quality and significance of a book.

Even though I read it at least 3 times, mostly browsing and searching, I could not detect the main purpose other than highlighting the author's writing skills.

However, for those religious perfect people as I experienced them that also know the author as a worship leader in the past “Go Ahead, You’re Home” some passages is a treat for lovers of “historical fiction” in particular when it pertains to the revealed life altering intimate choices made.

With regards to the author's marriage and divorce, I'm convinced that the union was bound to fail because the dude was a fast-talking, smooth talking con-man who, for years, was able to camouflage his dishonesty and addiction to hard drugs that were frying his brain.You were unequally yoked as so many of us.

Nevertheless, he was also a brilliant entrepreneur with some out of the box bright ideas when sober. Had he been sober all the time you would have definitely noticed that he had “found” the best type of virtuous and supportive wife any ambitious man desires to have as his lady. If that was the purpose of writing the book then it didn't miss its target.

The book ended leaving me with an empty feeling as if something is missing as if something important was purposely omitted.

 by Rinze Koolstra
caribbean woman

Autobiography written by warm, honest and brave woman who is raised by Christian parents of large family on Curacao. Beautifull and unique story that provides insight in strong family relations existent in the Caribbean, particularly in the Dutch Antilles, and in her struggle for life depicting both successes and personal failures. Author has laid witness of what God has done in her life including hard personal circumstances, never losing hope. Easy book to read that should not be missed.

 by Mirjam

Tirzah, genoten van jou, je boek, je transparantie en eerlijkheid.
Heel veel herkenning als kind van een moeder die ook haar hoofd boven water moest zien te houden met vier kinderen Mooi dat jouw kinderen een bijdrage wilden leveren aan je boek. Mooi om meegenomen te worden in jouw story waar je zo makkelijk leesbaar doorheen rolt.
Ik zie uit naar je tweede boek en weet dat wij op een dag écht thuiskomen.

 by Joseph 'Jopi' Hart
It takes a brave person to write this realistic self-portrait

Having known Tirzah for some time, I never had any idea about her past, until I read her autobiography 'Go Ahead, You're Home'. She does not embellish the past and is not afraid to paint herself in that past as she really was. That takes courage and is proof of her dedication to give the reader the bare truth and nothing but the truth. AWESOME.

 by Mirallis
Krachtig, knap en met genoeg gevoel om alles in balans te houden, geweldig!!!

She was human enough to feel the pain, humble enough to admit her faults, praise others and forgive herself. Ultimately she took courage and acknowledged what I like to quote as; 'I don't like where I am, I am moving, since I am not a tree!'

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