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by Rinze Koolstra on Go Ahead, You're Home!
caribbean woman

Autobiography written by warm, honest and brave woman who is raised by Christian parents of large family on Curacao. Beautifull and unique story that provides insight in strong family relations existent in the Caribbean, particularly in the Dutch Antilles, and in her struggle for life depicting both successes and personal failures. Author has laid witness of what God has done in her life including hard personal circumstances, never losing hope. Easy book to read that should not be missed.


Tirzah, genoten van jou, je boek, je transparantie en eerlijkheid.Heel veel herkenning als kind van een moeder die ook haar hoofd boven water moest zien te houden met vier kinderen Mooi dat jouw kinderen een bijdrage wilden leveren aan je boek. Mooi om meegenomen te worden in jouw story waar je zo makkelijk leesbaar doorheen rolt.Ik zie uit naar je tweede boek en weet dat wij op een dag écht thuiskomen.

by Joseph 'Jopi' Hart on Go Ahead, You're Home!
It takes a brave person to write this realistic self-portrait

Having known Tirzah for some time, I never had any idea about her past, until I read her autobiography 'Go Ahead, You're Home'. She does not embellish the past and is not afraid to paint herself in that past as she really was. That takes courage and is proof of her dedication to give the reader the bare truth and nothing but the truth. AWESOME.

by Mirallis on Go Ahead, You're Home!
Krachtig, knap en met genoeg gevoel om alles in balans te houden, geweldig!!!

She was human enough to feel the pain, humble enough to admit her faults, praise others and forgive herself. Ultimately she took courage and acknowledged what I like to quote as; 'I don't like where I am, I am moving, since I am not a tree!'

by Asta Diepen on Go Ahead, You're Home!
Brave woman

Beautiful story. I recognize a lot. I grew up in a broken family also. My mother had to take care of my older sister and me when I was only 15 months old. It wasn't easy for my mother. Being a woman alone, people don't always take you seriously. She did a great job back then, and so did you Tirzah! Inspiring to read your life story and so nice to know you and your children are doing great.

by Yvonne Damberg on Go Ahead, You're Home!
The sky is Not The Limit

A beautiful story, every woman should read this book. The courage you had, to choose for yourself and your children, and enter into the depth of life, where you didn't know what life is going to be? Your struggles became your victory and outreach, your tears made you the master of your destiny, and look at what you have accomplished. Your son and daughter became the stronghold of your life and you made the best out of it, by holding your head high and focus on the future for you and your kids. The story-teller was healed and rise to a place in her mind where there are no limits. Keep on doing what you are doing, and secondly take the step to make a film for the women and young men who are struggling with life's decisions and can't see the outcome that they have to make. You opened a gateway, keep on marching. The sky is Not The Limit!

by Zuri Todd on Go Ahead, You're Home!
A true story-teller

A beautifully written story, filled with humour. But also one that shows determination and perseverance. Each page keeps you wondering what will happen next, making it impossibe to put the book down. While reading, it took me back to the Caribbean, my roots. Bravo! I hope to read more books written by you Tirzah.

by Leo Vanterpool on Go Ahead, You're Home!
You did not fail

I picked up your book with great anticipation and i wasn't dissatisfied. In fact, once I started reading it, I literally could not put it down! I must commend you on taking the initiative to write about your life story and sharing your personal trials and successes while raising two amazing children all by yourself. This book is an inspiration for women all around the world to stay the course despite the obstacles life throws in front of you to fail. Well, my dear, you did not visualized your dream and manifested it into physical reality which will be a source of inspiration and encouragement for others. Congratulations on a job well done!

by Jaap Swart on Go Ahead, You're Home!
don't give up, in the end you'll win.

Tirzah I read "Go ahead you're home" with great pleasure. The title warmed my heart because such a welcome is what I'd like to be at the heart of the Dutch identity, acknowledging the fact that we have all come from elsewhere to enjoy living space enabling us to spread our wings. And so you did as your life taught you to do. I am deeply impressed by the way you used your talents to go forward showing how a positive stance can succeed. That lesson you learned as the book shows from wonderful parents and in turn, you showed to your daughter and son who got the message: "don't give up, in the end you'll win." What I liked also was the insight you provided in the Curaçao way of life, how important the role of its strong women is in keeping the ship afloat even to the point of keeping the ship going when the captain could not be found. I appreciated how in the book you left the man his self-respect.

by Maritza Fullinck on Go Ahead, You're Home!

When we meet someone we ask them how they're doing. And the answer is : " I am fine". And we move on and we go our separate ways. Reading your book felt like we've met and I asked you how you're doing and the answer was : If you really want to know, I will tell you. And I knew exactly what it meant. I have seen that WHO THE LORD HAS SET FREE IS FREE INDEED. Being a divorced woman was not part of the dream. But if it happens you have to move on or go ahead like you said. And so did you and so did I. The LORD hates divorce. But HE LOVES DIVORCED mothers. And when you see what you have accomplished with your kids it is the same what some couples did. And I've realized that I have received a double portion of the HOLY SPIRIT. I still have the dream to meet a real man. But meanwhile, I just go ahead. This was my feedback to you. Thanks for sharing! MAY THE LORD OF LORD KEEP BLESSING you.

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