“Calling Ten Thousand Angels was needed more than ever before to calm the storms of rage, rebellion, and youthful lust among us.”

My siblings and I wanted to party like other children did – go to the movies, and dress differently. My elder siblings started running away from home to escape the whippings and lickings upon violating the strict rules and regulations imposed by our parents. “As long as you’re under my roof, you abide by my rules,” daddy would say.

Adulterous affairs with men and women, unlawful pregnancies and sexual relationships outside of marriage were among the issues our parents had to contend with. Imagine these children who were raised decently, sedately, and godly, with Christian morals and values, were suddenly misbehaving as sinful, scandalous, and rebellious citizens, causing shame and disgrace to our parents. I remember daddy and mamá felt so embarrassed that they stopped attending church services for a while and would instead perform their religious duties at home.

When we were prohibited to go out, we became manipulative and mischievous. Marsha, George, and I would wait until mamá and daddy went to bed and Mariano, the youngest brother, was asleep. After mamá and daddy stopped talking and started snoring, it was time to leave. We made up our beds with pillows and dolls as if we were lying in there, asleep, and then we escaped from the bedroom window to go to parties or even nightclubs. We took along our party outfits exhibiting back, belly, and legs to change in the car. On our way home, we changed back to the ordinary clothes we were wearing when we left the house. This was a huge risk, which sometimes turned out well and other times we had to suffer the consequences of our disobedience; a merciless spanking from daddy. “Sorry daddy,” we said. Daddy responded, “Sorry? You sorry you were caught. Yo’ ain’t kno’ how much drunken men on the streets late at night.” Indeed we were sorry we were caught, because after a while we did it all over again.

From “Go Ahead, You’re Home” – The Caribbean Dream with Grit & Guts
A true and poignant story of forgiveness, hope and love. Mountain-moving faith with a burning desire determined to succeed.

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