Run a search on the web on positivity and positive thinking and you will find tons of articles, quotes, videos and images. I consider myself an optimist and positive-minded person. I always try to look at things from the bright side and find the good or lesson learned in every setback or adversity. Teachings of universal laws state that everything has an opposite; and to every positive there’s also a negative.

People seem to get caught up in a ‘positivity hype’ and lose sight of the reality of life. As a matter of fact, the ‘positivity hype’ has even reached our pulpits. There are those who can no longer handle or appreciate sermons based on solid gospel-truth, but rather be entertained by simple, shallow and superficial speeches, caressing the EGO, consequently Edging God Out! No wonder our temples of worship have diluted into entertainment centers with concerts, movies, food- and bake sales and the like attractions.

Life’s tragedies in most cases are not positive occurrences, yet they occur and we find ourselves searching for reasons that would justify such. We rather not have to experience the ugly side of life, however, as we mature, we also learn that

“Struggles are Stepping Stones to Strength”

So while embracing the positive, be aware that we don’t have to go through life tiptoeing, avoiding mistakes and misunderstandings.

Life happens. We live and we learn!


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