Monday, December 17th, 2007. My heart melted when my son and daughter expressed sincere feelings of appreciation in their own words. What more could a mother wish for, having achieved half a century?

During summer that year, we spent six weeks vacation on Curaçao, and also did I take a weekend trip to my native island of Aruba. I realized how blessed I was to enjoy the best of both worlds with my children.

My golden years were really sweet. Besides long walks in the forest, after several attempts, there was finally a breakthrough in cycling, with François, my son, as my ‘personal bike coach.’

In January 2008, I went to work at the Municipality of Utrecht on temporary basis. The following year I was offered a fixed contract as a steady employee. I was now 50+ and decided it was time to settle down, so I accepted the offer.

During the first half of my golden decade, I enjoyed the blessings of a comfortable, quiet, and peaceful lifestyle. The risk of this lifestyle was becoming complacent, comfortable and conformed to what is considered ‘normal’ at my age.’ I lacked motivation and creativity to take on challenges that would take my life to the next level.

At the age of 55, however, having lived twelve years in the Netherlands, the time would be ripe to return to Curaçao to start working towards my Caribbean Dream. And looking back at past difficulties I overcame under precarious circumstances, I asked myself what was holding me back to face new challenges. I told myself that if I returned to Curaçao, to do the same work, and live a boring life like I did in Holland, I might as well remain in Holland with a better salary and social benefits.

For that reason, during the second half of my golden decade, I stubbornly refused to fit in the box labeled ‘normal’ at my age. I gave myself permission to resurrect my buried dreams and explore my creative energy, using my God-given skills and talents, empowered by gratitude and humility. I have neither regrets nor complaints whatsoever about my endeavors, because I realized that intense adversity renders abundant prosperity!

I learned that entrepreneurship is a personal and intense experience, one can only know by exploring the unknown.

From “Go Ahead, You’re Home” – The Caribbean Dream with Grit & Guts
A true and poignant story of forgiveness, hope and love. Mountain-moving faith with a burning desire determined to succeed.

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