Good afternoon everyone,

My name is François, and I’m Belladonna and we are the children of Tirzah Libert. Tirzah Zenovia Bienvenida Libert. 😉

Our mother asked us to send in a video expressing our opinion on the book in which we also participated. I wrote a chapter and so did Belladdonna, expressing our opinion and experience growing up. (chapter 13. “Bella-Frans Par Excellence”)

We are very proud of our mother and of ourselves with our achievement so far. We do hope you will enjoy the book presentation and release this afternoon. Hopefully after reading, you’ve learned some lessons.

Belladonna: “and buy it too” 😉

Exactly! We trust the book will inspire others to keep the faith in yourself and in God, despite life’s trials and tempest. With persistence and determination you can achieve whatever you want in life.

This was a way for our mother to put us also in the ”spotlight” like she did with our grandfather for his 70th birthday.

So, Go Ahead and get the book!


François and Belladonna Pierre



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