I went to the grocery store to fetch some stuff. Now I must say, that if the grocery owner depended on more customers like myself, he probably would long be out of business.

Though by no means I consider myself a health guru, a substantial amount of  merchandise on the shelves, won’t be found in my refrigerator or kitchen cabinets. Reason for this is because I do my utmost to consume fresh goods as much as possible and less packaged foods. This may cost more, but on the long run, the health benefits are worth reaping.

A few items were quite costly, and I thought twice, before I decided to add these to my cart. Then it dawned on me to practice what I preach. Don’t just think and speak abundance, but also act abundance. Now the line between faith and folly could be very thin. Is being realistic a lack of faith? Or is it foolish to ignore the circumstances and pretend to act by faith? I leave up to you to figure that out for yourself.

Personally, I enjoy being challenged and taking risks; even with a visit to the grocery store. I felt so good that I followed my intuition and bought the items I wanted. I felt Aligned with Divine. A feeling that isn’t foreign or unfamiliar to me. In my autobiography I described several phases where I had to step up my game and come to terms with myself.

11. Flying on Green Grass

And so, as described at the beginning of the book we moved to The Netherlands. Working a full time job as a single parent in a foreign country with different customs, habits, morals, and values was both challenging and demanding. Besides passing down certain morals and values l was raised with, one can only hope and pray that all will turn out well. Most of the times my kids were asleep when I left for work in the morning. For that reason we prayed, and read from the Bible at night before going to bed. I taught my children to be brave, bold, and beautiful. In other words, don’t be fearful, stand up and speak up, in a kind, friendly, polite way.

Finally, my life that was previously in shambles was coming together. At this point, child support was still outstanding, however social laws in The Netherlands paid a form of child support quarterly for each child up to age eighteen, regardless of one’s financial status. God bless The Netherlands for such a social system. At the end of the year I had a savings account for myself and for each child I took out a study insurance to help cover college tuition later.

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In addition to the above, my confidence and boldness comes from Matthew 6:30-34

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