Sister Diana, Seed of Life (prev. Jackon's Church)

Sister Diana, Seed of Life (prev. Jackon’s Church)

Cousin Janett (standing) addressing audience on the Libert's family.

Cousin Janett (standing) addressing audience on the Libert’s family.

Sign and Sell

Sign and Sell

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A Celebration of Life Program Funeral Service Date: January 9th 2017 Place: El Señorial, Van Leeuwenhoekstraat z/n Time: Condolences from 09.00 – 11.00 hrs Sarah Elisab...
Find a Way to Go Ahead! Diana Nyad is so inspiring. No matter your age, unwavering commitment is the key. Turning 60 December 17/'2017 myself,...
1 minute of silence Word of Welcome was followed by 1 minute of silence in honor and respect of the deceased that were of great support in my career. Prof. Dr. Frank Mar...

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